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Microsoft’s Laughable 64-Bit Migration and Why it Matters

This isn’t so much a well thought out article as it is a dump or a rant. I’ll admit that. That said: it actually bothers me how badly Microsoft has dropped the ball on their 64-bit migration path. As to say: there is no 64-bit migration path, and they seem to be perfectly content with that.

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“Respect Explorer’s Heritage”

A followup to an otherwise hyperbolic repost I made the other day. Bottom line is this: Siegler is totally correct. Microsoft’s continued efforts with the Explorer interface represent baggage. Sometimes you absolutely need to admit that your first iteration wasn’t perfect and scrap the things that were bad1. Microsoft, however, seems content to ride the Explorer horse into the proverbial sunset, addressing the wrong problems in the wrong way under the banner of, as Siegler points out, “respecting Explorer’s Heritage.” 

Please, Microsoft, for all of us who have to use your products every day: drop what sucks. Keep what’s great. Move on. 

  1. Another note: Apple will do this even when things aren’t “bad” per say, but just not great. Looking at you, Exposé.
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