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18 Months Later, Copy-Paste Arrives on Android's Gmail

I don’t have much to add. It shows they’re dedicated to un-sucking their UI. The pace at which they’re doing that, however, leaves something to be desired.

Idle Shower-Time Thoughts

Will Android 2.2, with it’s heavy Flash integration and JIT compilation, require ARMv7, setting a prescient for all new phones?

Android 2.2 pushes users to utilize Flash

This is a dangerous game they’re playing, especially since ARMv6 phones are still being announced. I don’t think users are going to find their inability to play Flash on their new phones particularly “consistent.”


JIT a go for Android 2.2

Praise be, we might actually be able to get some work done on the new OS stepping.


Tethering native in Android 2.2

I can’t wait for carriers to hold this feature for ransom.


Flash is official for Android 2.2

I have several concerns about this news. Not only will it only run on a small sliver of North American hardware (HTC Incredible, MotoDroid and Nexus One should be the only ARMv7 products), but since it requires a new stepping of the OS the HTC products will probably lag behind the rest as Sense is ported/upgraded. My ancillary question is: will standalone app developers be able to deploy to a 2.1 device? Or will apps also require the 2.2 upgrade? (I speculate it’s the latter.)