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For Those Not Yet Aware: Flash 10.1 for ARMv7 Only

Old story, but I reference it a lot, so here it is. As an aside: only the iPhone 3GS runs on ARMv7 hardware. To me this says: Apple has been right for a number of years, but increasingly I’m wondering if their stance is the right one.

Once more, the North American hardware currently using ARMv7 on Android is: MotoDroid, Nexus One and HTC Incredible.

Android 2.2 pushes users to utilize Flash

This is a dangerous game they’re playing, especially since ARMv6 phones are still being announced. I don’t think users are going to find their inability to play Flash on their new phones particularly “consistent.”


Adobe's We Heart Choice Campaign

I have so many things I could say about this it’s ridiculous, but I’ll keep it short: if Adobe really wanted to make a difference here, they shouldn’t have involved consumers, but more actively involved developers. Get as many MonoTouch, Appcelerator, and Flash developers as you could to abandon Apple’s platform. (This may happen anyway when OS4 is in the wild.) Focus on your mobile libs, integrate them flawlessly in Flex Builder and tout them as easy-to-use alternates for non-iPhone users. Make sure your 3D stuff is up to snuff and you’re off to the races.

Also it would behoove them to get their heads out of their asses and create a product they could demo outside of a clean room.


Flash is official for Android 2.2

I have several concerns about this news. Not only will it only run on a small sliver of North American hardware (HTC Incredible, MotoDroid and Nexus One should be the only ARMv7 products), but since it requires a new stepping of the OS the HTC products will probably lag behind the rest as Sense is ported/upgraded. My ancillary question is: will standalone app developers be able to deploy to a 2.1 device? Or will apps also require the 2.2 upgrade? (I speculate it’s the latter.)