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iPad 2: Best Tablet Display on the Market

For the current set of Tablets the iPad is the clear winner in every category, which is somewhat surprising considering it was the first Tablet to launch and the one that later competitors knew they had to beat – but as of yet none have succeeded.

The competition has shipped displays with smaller viewing angles, lower pixel density, smaller gamuts, higher reflectance and in the case of the Transformer a lower bit depth, rendering a dithered 18-bit image. The Xoom costs, at their lowest prices, $300 more than the iPad 2, and yet has ranked the worst of the three tablets reviewed.

How does this happen? How do you review a competitor’s product and decide not to match them on quality or price? This is simply reinforcing my belief that there is no tablet market, merely an iPad market.

As an aside: the iPad’s gamut is nothing to write home about, which has already caused us problems with the dark scenes in CreaVures. Why are mobile gamuts so damn narrow, anyway?

(Source: Gizmodo)

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